A location Renaissance: Villa Medici

L’Hotel Villa Medici It is located in Lanciano, in the province of Chieti.

The interior is wonderful, all luxury, mirrors, Renaissance features, crystal lights and very spacious. Outside there is a garden and a beautiful pool and the guy on security for children.

The quality of food in this restaurant is at the top, It has great reviews on the internet and everyone I know that there have been talks about it very well, not to mention the kindness and helpfulness of the owner who comes to you for everything and try to satisfy every request. They are keen to do well and as I said “For us, marriage is an investment”. They are not attentive to the euro and the food will.

Price per person: 70/80 euro.

A menu approximate:

  • Gran buffet 50 flow
  • Two first fish
  • A second fish with side dishes
  • Macedonia
  • Tasting desserts at the table or buffet
  • Wedding cake of your choice
  • Wine, various drinks, coffee, amari

Hotel Villa Medici, Rocca San Giovanni - Updated prices for the 2020

Hotel Villa Medici, Rocca San Giovanni - Updated prices for the 2020

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