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Wedding theme with The Lord of the Rings

Why not? Who loves weddings Celtic / Medieval, can choose the theme fantasy Il Lord of the Rings. In fact, this issue is much closer to that Celtic, can be considered pay, but they can also choose the bride and groom celebrating a Christian marriage. Decorations, clothes, will be similar to the Celtic theme, with a note in the most natural. In fact this issue, we can also call elfico, prefers enchanted places where large meadows, parks with many trees, pussy, natural decorations, as much as possible, without interference of modern creations. We can call Celtic, but with a touch of fantasy.

Published the first time in 1954-1955, the trilogy The Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien – The Fellowship of the Ring , The Two Towers and The Return of the King - Quickly earns the admiration of the whole world is approaching the status of cult. That love for Middle Earth was amplified by Peter Jackson in the three parts of the film adaptation, that came out of the 2001 to the 2003.

One of the most fascinating phenomena is to spread obsession for Hobbit and enchanted scenery surrounded by nature, without limits of time and space. The style of these marriages is the style elven (elf). Internet is full of resources to target fans of Tolkien's books who want to immerse themselves in the symbols of Middle-earth in their important day, and feel part of a fantasy world.

The Lord of the Rings: wedding traditions

It is not difficult to arrange a marriage with the theme The Lord of the Rings. Turns out to be much cheaper than the traditional and the original effect is assured. There are so many things to do it yourself, because at the time there were only things made by nature (wildflowers, candles positioned on pieces of wood and musk, etc.) and not man-made or outputs by industry (in this case you should buy them while with the natural theme can take dry branches and flowers in the countryside or in the woods). The theme is linked to Celtic wedding, fairy and that rustic.

We must incorporate the theme of one or more of the following to have a ceremony that subtly evokes Tolkien's books or recreate their full fantasy world.

Invitations Elven

As first thing, procurativi internet characters used by Tolkien in his books. You will use them with a software program for the creation of invitations you print it yourself. There are many on the web. Try by clicking here following the instructions for installation. Invitations can be personalized with the art of the stencil, scrapbooking, collage and all that the imagination suggests. You can also use the map of Middle-earth on copertiva to give the idea that the guests should come to that place fantasy for your ceremony. The colors you use will be those that recall the nature of the woods, green, greenfinch, brown, ivory, and all their shades. You can also use the wax to seal invitations. This tip applies to all marriages vintage, Also Celtic, medieval, etc.. If you know the Elvish language (invented by Tolkien) you can write the invitations directly in the Elven language (not forgetting the translation against!

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The jewelry

The spouses will be able to use the jewels used in the film, as pendant Evenstar Good potatoes Arwen, immortal elf, his human love Aragorn, the brooch in the shape of leaf used in the Fellowship of the Ring, and why not, if you are both fans of the saga, the wedding rings will be precisely those of The Lord of the Rings, made-to-measure by your goldsmith, Also if you find so many foreign online jewelers that sell them already made and allow you to customize.

All other items can be found on the internet!

The bride knows Dress

And’ missed the wedding dress of the film. In my opinion there are three ones to take account: the model worn by Eowyn, to Arwen and that of Galadriel. They are found online, there are shops specialized foreign (the safest and most famous is is British, you do not pay customs duties). You make them to fit. Do not buy from Chinese online shops that are cheap, the clothes are of poor quality and are not sure on the measures. Remember that American sites make clothes larger than normal, the Chinese dress closer, on the contrary. You could however, if you do not trust online shopping, let you custom tailor a good seamstress, are simple and can tailor any package them, just bring the photos and maybe gown patterns for sewing (downloading from the Internet), hoping for prices. Arwen Theatre Costumes White Gown LOTR Lord of The ...

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Wedding hairstyles

Hair is simple, are loose and far (if you have them do get short extension), maybe collected only on the front. You can make braided pigtails with ribbons of satin dress color and use the crowns and jewels in the film (are online).

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The reception

If time permits would be ideal to make the reception outside in the garden, near a forest or in a park. The location must necessarily evoke nature and the woods. If time does not allow you to recreate, instead, the right environment within. There are various ways and decorations, just use your imagination. And do not believe that they are expensive, are all DIY!

We have to stay on the rustic, the natural, everything will be more natural and you will have the desired effect. Use woods, legnetti, candles, natural fabrics, dried flowers or fresh wild, moss, tree branches, ropes and strings. It would be nice to place the tables (wood) under the trees.

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And the colors?

Mainly the green and its shades, and brown (reminiscent of the wood) but you can use all the colors of nature, if we are in autumn burgundy, orange and lighter shades, type ivory, Also in spring pink and lilac buds that recall the trees. So you regulator.

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And the menu?

The more rustic possible, Avoid elaborate menus typical wedding! Do you prefer dishes of vegetables, mushrooms, spices, vegetable, post, meat (indicated little fish, we are in the woods, but there may also be the fresh water fish such as trout, then why not the fish? Benvenga!).

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Just buy a CD of the soundtrack of the film and ask caterers to put it in the background.

At Last… the cake!

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