The DIY ( DIY do-it-yourself in english) is a term used to describe the construction, modifying or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals. The expression “self made” came into common use in the 1950 in reference to the improvement of the house, projects that people could do to complete independently decoration and maintenance of the home.

The term refers to a large number of DIY hobby, from those of maintenance (mural painting, flooring, furniture restoration, gardening, etc.) to those creative (decoupage, patchwork, scrapbooking, paper flowers, origami, drawing, DIY jewelry, cartonnage, etc.).

Those that are hobbies for some people are professions for others. For example, a chef can have fun playing with computers as a hobby, while a computer professional could enjoy cooking in their spare time and cooking for fun. In general, the person who engages in an activity for fun, without pay, is called amateur, not professional.

Creative hobbies are those that bring an end product, create it from nothing. Examples of this would hobby woodworking, to the photo, creating movies , jewelry production, various embellishments for the home such as sewing, paintings, paintings, and the creation of objects of paper and cardboard (dollhouse and model various), art call papercraft.


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