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Plan a garden wedding

Who wouldn't want to exchange vows in a magical garden?

Chic garden parties have a long tradition in high society and some of the best garden venues shine with sophistication. But modern couples also appreciate less formal landscapes, who create fabulous natural canvases for their unique event styles. Mostly, Today's brides and grooms crave a wedding experience that is connected to nature, as their new beginning is reflected in the beauty that surrounds them.

Here is a little tip for putting together your successful garden wedding:

1. Consider the season

You visit a garden in April and fall in love with the spring show of cherry trees in bloom… but you get married in October. Make sure you're not attracted to a setting that can't be there for your big day. Most of the gardens have something to offer all year round, but if your heart is directed towards the autumn landscape of leaves or in the purple wisteria cascades on the pergola of the ceremony, make sure your wedding date matches Mother Nature's timing.

2. Insects

Flora and fauna are sometimes accompanied by unwanted guests, like ants, bees or mosquitoes. Discuss the precautions your venue manager and / or catering will take, to make sure the bugs don't ruin the party, from citronella candles to pre-event spraying. If you have chosen a do-it-yourself place, create your game plan in advance. (And have an emergency kit on hand, for every eventuality!)

Un colorato matrimonio in giardino al castello di Thornewood, Tacoma WA

3. Decorations

When you are surrounded by natural splendor, extra furniture is not really necessary. But adding personal touches goes a long way in making the space yours. Although there are a ton of design ideas on Pinterest, we suggest you start with your own things and those of your family: it's time to clean up that old man chandelier that you found along with a garage sale! He ancient ornaments your aunt's garden chairs would be adorable next to your table at the entrance to the location. The porcelain del your mother's wedding would be a heartwarming addition to your main table settings. Looking around for inspiration and seeing where it leads can make the end result even more meaningful.

4. And if it rains?

Umbrellas, canopies, heating lamps, tende pop-up, portable outdoor braziers and even custom umbrellas for guests as well / or the wedding party can provide shade and shelter, if necessary.

5. Define the space

Some gardens are formal, with brick courtyards, manicured hedges and trellises that logically dictate a perfect flow for your celebration. Others are more unstructured and rambling. You and your event planner can create “outdoor rooms” with modern or retro living room furniture, high cocktail floors, lattice partitions the potted plants. But we're also seeing fun elements like picnic blankets, deck chairs, wooden benches and bonfire, casual additions that create a particularly dynamic contrast within an elegant setting. Your choices will be guided by the general mood you want to create, but don't let conventions stop you from daring to be different!

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