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Shabby Chic, some ideas to make it!

What is the shabby chic style and how it has become one of the most popular furniture styles? Here’s all you need to know about shabby chic!

Shabby chic is undoubtedly one of the trendiest styles in furniture and it promises to be one of the more popular styles of all! But what exactly does shabby chic mean? The literal translation is “shabby chic” which is a style that seems to be resigned and a little ‘left to itself, but in reality, very nice! In practice, the effect in shabby chic furniture of the house can be given to details and little touches of colors.

Just the choice of color with which you decorate your home is, by no means, secondary, if you want to have a shabby chic house: you have to opt for light color and prone to pastel. Let the main color be beige, ivory, light gray and white.

The wood and linen are the two materials that reign undisputed in the shabby chic house; furniture will be in wood, preferably dyed white washed. The paint of the furniture mustn’t to be perfect, but just give the impression that the furniture is recovered from Grandma’s attic.

Finally the furnishing elements that enrich the shabby chic home are many, for example linen pillows whose colors and patterns must always have a touch of country and natural.

The kitchen shelves are embellished with old porcelain sets, vintage dishes adorned with flowers. Laces are of course welcome.

Among the items of furniture, whic are perfect to evoke the shabby chic style, there are also tools that you can easily recover from tin flea markets. You can’t miss flowers with delicate tones, such as hydrangea, roses and camellias and some bunch of lavender.

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DIY items are the touches that will make your home unique: a dollhouse, a frame of shells with black and white framed photo of your grandmother. But also a centerpiece made ​​with lemons will give your kitchen a natural and refined touch.

Candles are a “must” in a shabby chic home: you can use them to decorate the fireplace in the summer, use them in a traditional chandelier or put them in simple glass jars.

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