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Organize a birthday party theme Farm (Barnyard Party)

For the birthday of my son, I organized a theme party "Farm". Thomas is animal lover, campaign, nature, could not wish for more. So, for the fulfillment of his 6th year, I have been busy to make him a nice little party with their friends based on his beloved farm. Organize this kind of party is not at all expensive and is also fun. You can use many things found in the trade, and also for the menu, all stuff rustic.


The perfect place to have a party like that is in the country, a farm, a house, a vicious, even better if surrounded by animal barns and chicken coops. We are lucky because my father has a riding club where he also farm animals than horses. There are donkeys, fowls razzolanti for the adjacent courtyard, ducks, geese and sheep. We organized it all, then, Club House, rustic dining room reserved for the knights, the ideal place for a party like. If you have no possibility, you can rent a similar place, there are so many and in all regions, otherwise it will fit a simple country house of a friend.


The call is one of the most important components of a party, because it makes the idea of ​​what it will be: already you dive with the imagination and imagine how it will be then the party.


I used colored cardboard cut in the shape of English farm, with a door that opens with the text written in the invitation. A very original idea, according to the opinion of many. Even the kindergarten teacher has wanted a copy you can then use as a model next year to do odd jobs to children. Even the natural raffia helpful to create the effect of "straw".


For decorations you can pick whatever you want. I have created a silhouette of English farm with cardstock rough Bristol, cutting off parts and pasting with PVA glue. Then I printed several poultry Edition and I have cut pasting behind the silhouette of grass, Always cut from cardboard. I attached the various decorations on the walls. I also created the colored flags strung along a wire over 3 mt. Then I created the sheep, cows and goats by cutting and pasting the printed card a bit 'batting to give the effect "wool". The animals have them hanging chandeliers and wooden beams. And finally many balloons.

You can open these files and print them, otherwise you can search images on Google by typing "cartoon cow .png" or "cartoon sheep .png" or "cartoon goat .png", will come out of all tastes.

Finally I took a bale of straw and I placed at the entrance along with a wooden rough: is inevitable!

The table I laid with a red and white checkered tablecloth and I placed on the table scraps of wood discs (all taken in the countryside) and farm animals toy.

Then I created a 'signboard welcome using a rectangle of cardboard hung on a nail with twine coarse kitchen. I did the writing with the brush and the color white acrylic.

I bought on Ebay masks in the shape of animals: the kids had a great time to wear them!

On the table wildflowers, as daisies inserted in a metal vase of those who are also at Ikea.

Everything you need party, napkins, saucers, shaped balloons,etc., you can buy it here:


Obviously the music is "The Old Farm" and the like. I have downloaded from the website a lot of songs and then I made a cd. I found it very suitable for even the songs of the soundtrack of cardboard "Cows on the run".


What would be suitable as a peasant, or you can use hats and cowboy boots. Even the mother can receive guests so. My son had the dress that was made for carnival, even though he did not want to wear it for his birthday. He is fixed with farmers and farm animals.

This kinds of clothes are sold in the shops of carnival costumes or Halloween Web.

The Menu

All that is rustic, simple and not very developed, that evokes a certain way, the countryside and the genuine. I have prepared many mini burgers, rustic, sandwiches, sandwiches, pizzas (tomato and white with corn). And then sweet waffles, cupcakes, tarts, cakes and biscuits.

I bought the size cookies shaped farm animals (are found in commerce) I made these cookies and then covering them with colored glaze:

What matters then, is also the arrangement of the elements cute: I placed the trays of sweets on round wooden cutouts, that act as upstand for cake.

The Cake

The cake is the most important part of the festival: must be beautiful and good! My son made me mad with the animals sugar, wanted even the turkey, his fixation!

In Any Case, after so much, this is the result. I would say quite satisfactory, and my son was delighted!

The upper, ie the red barn, is edible, is a cube of cake stuffed cut out and coated with sugar paste red. The filling is with cream and mascarpone.

It is so much fun with their friends, it was tough to organize and prepare, especially because I also Rebecca, which is still tiny, but has paid me her smile and her happiness!

You can visit the collection of images “Farm” on my Profile Pinterest, be inspired, I guarantee!

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I live in the countryside with my family, dogs, roosters and hens. I have a degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and I teach English and German. I am canine breeder, I love dogs, especially Great Danes, I breed. Besides this I love cooking, il cake design, books, humanities, DIY, it-yourself, hobbies paper, the miniature, the decoration and furnishing of the house and everything that is creative.


  • a birthday party so’ Who would want nn?? 😛 beautiful but most of you have been good you, you have a lot of imagination and came out a masterpiece!beautiful image of Thomas before the happy cake with coals raised 😉 🙂

    • Grazieeeeeeeee 😀 and I did it all while Rebecca was recovering from illness… you know that this winter we had problems, including hospital admissions! But wait till you see the party from Princess I arranged for her first birthday (celebrated 1 June, although she performed the stupendous year 30 April): Thomas themed rustic, while her all chic 🙂

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