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Wooden houses and bungalows

Among the many sites that sell wooden houses garden bungalows or camping / campaign, what I have found is most plentiful World Casette, a San Martino Buon Albergo (VR) that sends in every part of Italy. Please also mounting (course fee). The prices are good and depend on the size of the houses and the thickness of the walls of wood. We are among the 2000 and 10.000 euro.

No houses to live all year round but are great for the summer, for camping, to rent to tourists or simply to use as an office or secretariat for its activities in the country. It will be one of those who will take us too. The internal dividers allow to use as the little house in the area day and night, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. I would say very good, when you are at work and you want to eat on the spot and take a nap, Instead of returning home. Also great for the secretariat, where you can let customers or club members, have all the documents at hand and manage them, the computer and why not, a mini bar area where they offer a coffee!

The transport fee depends on the distance. To put into account, however, that the house should be painted with primer and covered with shingles: but these are also sold by the site.

I can not wait to have my cabin and be able to furnish perhaps with some Ikea furniture.

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I live in the countryside with my family, dogs, roosters and hens. I have a degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and I teach English and German. I am canine breeder, I love dogs, especially Great Danes, I breed. Besides this I love cooking, il cake design, books, humanities, DIY, it-yourself, hobbies paper, the miniature, the decoration and furnishing of the house and everything that is creative.

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  • Siamo una azienda specializzata nella produzione di vendita, Casette di Legno, casette di legno, senza intermediari possiamo offrire I migliori prezzi sul mercato.

    Contact here :-

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