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A herd of Khaki Campbell?

It is a little’ which in my mind this idea. Because ducks? Because I have always liked, since childhood.

After a search I find that the best breed between the ducks for egg production appears to be the Khaki Campbell, a breed created by Adele Campbell in England at the beginning of last century with a dual purpose: eggs and meat. To create the Khaki Campbell has used the Rouen (heavy duck meat) for the substance; l’Indian Runner for the production of eggs and Mallard for foraging ability.

The result was a medium sized bird that excels in the production of eggs and in foraging ability.

The Khaki Campbell hold the world record for egg production among all poultry species, including chickens.

The eggs are pearly white and they taste superb. Usually those who say they do not love the duck eggs has never tasted those of Campbell.

In most ducks are excellent companion, are friendly and quiet and not create problems, not scratch around like chickens and not get dirty, but keep clean the ground from snails and insects. Do not make noise. Are content with a small puddle. They can also play an essential role in the control of pest and weed control on organic farms.

Are poorly bred in Italy, therefore also difficult to find. Less competition in the market?

Well, what about? I am I really doing a little thought ... because I have to open a farm, ie a farm, why not consider also these beautiful animals?

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