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I live in the countryside with her husband, two sons, 3 rink, a cat, rooster and hens. I have a degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures. I am canine breeder, I love dogs, especially Great Danes, I breed. Besides this I love cooking, il cake design, books, humanities, DIY, it-yourself, hobbies paper, the decoration and furnishing of the house and everything that is creative.

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    Hi Good day ..piacere ,My name Matilde.Volevo know you do wedding dresses medieval style to size and less than what it costs (I have my idea) but I wanted to know they offer and how much it costs,also the time that you take to farlo.mi groom in early October giorni.Li thank you for the time .PD are also economic and oulte wanted info I leave my email below .graziee

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      Salve, no, I'm sorry, This is an informational site, here they are not selling wedding dresses. It would be a bit’ Tardini now seen to marry you early October. However you can try to look on ebay typing “medieval wedding dress”. In England they sell many. Good luck!


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